Faraday Isolators date back to 1845 when Michael Faraday discovered the magneto-optical effect when studying the influence of a magnetic field on plane-polarized light waves. This effect became fundamentally important with the invention of the laser. A basic principle of laser operation is stimulated emission which poses a challenge with back reflection into the laser cavity potentially causing laser power to become unstable. A Faraday Isolator is often the best tool to avoid the instabilities and protect the laser from back reflection. Today, many lasers and laser applications are utilizing Faraday Isolators to enable proper operation of laser systems. This webcast will discuss the basics of Faraday Isolators and cover examples of several applications of low and high power isolators across the spectral range from UV to NIR. We will also highlight a few examples of designs and applications for various types of our LINOS Faraday Isolators.

Volker Melzer

Volker Melzer is Product Manager of Laser Technologies at Excelitas. He first joined the company in 2007 as product manager of optical systems and later became product manager for magneto and electro optics as well as fibers and lasers. Previous to his role at Excelitas, he held the position of development engineer for optical modules at AGFA-Gevaert AG in 1998 after completing his PhD in physics.

24 November, 2 – 3PM CST



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