Test and Measurement Instruments

Gap and Displacement Sensing

We distribute precision non-contact capacitive Displacement sensors, Gap sensors, Multiple sensors and Systems to the Aerospace, Automotive, , Coating / Printing / Photocopying, Extreme Environment, High Temperature/Cryogenic and Power Generation markets. We have comprehensive solutions for the most challenging conditions. Tell us more and we can provide free technical review of your application.

Light and Beam Diagnostic

We offer a complete solution of light and beam diagnostic instrument that include Power/Energy Meters, Beam Profilers and M2 Meters for users that require accuracy and precision measurement, from Scientific to industrial to medical to Defense uses. The measurement ranges that cover any wavelength and any power. Tell us your parameter and we will propose the best selection.

Low-Light-Level Detection Modules


From single photons to mW, from 400nm to 1.7µm, we offer the family of Low-Light-Level Detection Modules with industry-leading performance in compact, easy-to-use packages operating from a single 5V DC power supply.

These are ideal for laboratory and OEM use in supporting applications for a variety of cutting-edge applications including:
• Particle Sizing (DLS)
• STED & Multi-Photon Microscopy
•Ultra-Sensitive Fluorescence
• Luminescence
• Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)
• Single Molecule Detection
•Diffused Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS)
• Single Photon LiDAR
•Optical Range Finding
•Quantum Cryptography (QKD)
• Photon Entanglement Experiment

SPCM-AQRH datasheet (Click Here)

SPCM-NIR datasheet (Click Here)


Displacement Sensor

Displacement Measuring Interferometer

The IDS3010 (Interferometric Displacement Sensor) measures displacements (incremental distance) in the nanometer range. The modular and miniaturized design of the IDS3010 makes it easy to adapt all three measurement axes to a broad variety of applications. With its compact size, the IDS3010 displacement measuring interferometer can be directly integrated into machines and is the product of choice for challenging OEM & synchrotron applications.

Fields of Application: 

* Wafer and Mask inspection

* Calibration


* Closed Loop Motion Control

* Accuracy Evaluation

* Vibrometry

* Infrastructure 

* Laboratory Test 

Datasheet for IDS (Click Here)

Lab and Manufacturing Testing

We provide solutions for lab and manufacturing testing that can help you innovate, develop, troubleshoot and deliver better, faster and more efficient. These includes :

  • Optical Component Tester
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Bit error-rate testing
  • Optical Benchtop kits
  • Multifunction platform
  • Tunable filter
  • Variable Attenuator
  • Portable Raman Analyser
  • Laser Confocal Raman Microspectrometer
  • Microscope Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Optical Testing Solutions (Click Here)

Test System

Our manufacturer integrates and provide turnkey system that ease the use in testing. These includes system that are use in Chemical, Photovoltaic, Defense, Marine, Bioscience, Material Science and Environmental monitoring

  • PEC Photochemistry Measurement System
  • Photoluminescence & Electroluminescence  Measurement System (PL/EL)
  • Fluorescence Spectrum Measurement System
  • Spectro-Radiometer for light Source Characterization
  • Aircraft Engine Rotor Eccentricity Realignment System
  • Hyperspectral Systems
  • Solar Cell System


THz Absolute Power and Energy Meter

The TK Terahertz Absolute Power Meter System is an auto-calibrating power meter for use with free-space beams in the frequency range from 30 GHz to 3 THz.

• The sensitive area of the system is greater than 30 mm in diameter
• The system has a typical NEP of about 5 μW/Hz½
• For energy measurement the typical NEJ is about 1 μJ

Software features
• Automatic calibration
• Frequency dependent window loss correction
• A set of routines which trap equipment and operator errors


Avalanche Photodiodes

We offers Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)  on both Silicon (Si) and InGaAs materials. Si APDs cover the spectral range of 400 nm to 1100 nm and the InGaAs APDs cover 950 nm to 1550 nm. An Avalanche Photodiode (APD) provides higher sensitivity than a standard photodiode and is for extreme low-level light (LLL) detection and photon counting.

High-Performance Si APDs

Large area, UV-Enhanced APDs

Hybrid Optical APD Receiver Modules

High-Volume, Cost-Effective Si APDs

APD Quadrants

High-Performance InGaAs APDs

1064nm Long-Wavelength Enhanced Si APDs



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