In this webinar, we will discuss optical simulations based on non-sequential ray tracing. As the name suggests, non-sequential ray-tracing engines permit rays to encounter surfaces in any order and any number of times with automatic ray splitting. Non-sequential ray-tracing software (ANSYS SPEOS) is often used to model complex optical systems in which scattering and stray light characteristics must be known and controlled.


The scope and influence of optics and photonics are staggering. Much of life today depends on semiconductor chips and memory. As one looks across science, one sees photonics enabling progress everywhere. Particle detection at CERN, Super-Kamiokande, Gran Sasso, and so on rely on optical detectors. Optical techniques pervade chemistry. Lasers are used for the analysis of plasmas, solid-state materials, and every form of matter from rocks on Mars to human eyes or skin. Healthcare may be the field of greatest photonics activity. It embraces the routine use of medical imaging in clinics of all kinds, traditional and new devices in vision care, and ever more sensitive optical instruments to analyze bodily fluids.

Over the last couple of years, the simulation of production processes has gained importance as a tool for industry and academia. In academia, simulations provide researchers with the ability to study the influence of individual parameters on the process to gain a better understanding of the process itself and its stability. In industry, simulations have become an important tool to design and optimize production processes.


  • Importance of optical and photonic simulations
  • Introduction to non-sequential ray tracing
  • Overview of Ansys Lumerical and Ansys SPEOS its uses in different applications
  • Demonstration on Ansys Lumerical and Ansys SPEOS


Application Engineer in the domain of photonic designing and Simulation. He has done his Masters in Photonics and has previously worked on development and simulation of Micro resonators for Biosensing application.


  • Research scholars
  • Scientists
  • R&D Head of the department
  • R&D Engineers


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